Principal’s Message

Principal’s Message

“Success comes to those who work Smart & Stays with those, who Don’t Rest on the Laurels of the past.”

BR Sikshan Santhan is a world in miniature form where we uphold traditional values and Contemporary methodology with latest pedagogies. Our vision is to shape student’s mind with transformational experiences that will align their heart, mind and body. We strive to create a safe, supportive and conducive environment where the abilities and individual differences of all the students are valued.

We are confident that our students will thrive in Academic Heights, Physical fitness, Psychological and Spiritual well being, Social Consciousness and Concern for environments.

“When the mind is filled with virtues, they will be revealed in our action.”

We are a school with a difference! We value individualism, creativity and innovation and strive to nurture them in our students. Our motto “Education for Life” is at the heart of everything we do at the school. To attain our vision, the school is committed to continuous improvement with goals, strategies, policies and procedures in the school’s progress. We aim to not just impart knowledge to the students, but also to inculcate in them – wisdom, compassion and a humanitarian spirit. Discipline, values and integrity are the very foundation of our school.

Teamwork is the hallmark of us. I am very sure through collaborative effort we can achieve more to benefit our students who are the future leaders of tomorrow.

BR school Chelasi is yet another initiative by the most fame coaching CLC to promote quality education to children.

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