Mentor’s Message

Mentor’s Message

“An educational system is worth a great deal if it teaches young minds how to make a life rather than just making a living.”

A school is indeed the foundation of an individual’s life. It is the scared area where a child’s emotional and intellectual quotient is drawn. Students practice and play, learn and live and build the foundations of their life. We at BR School are committed to giving each one of our students an education and a learning experience of a lifetime. Here, we go beyond the boundaries of books and trek the unseen. We inspire and enthuse, encouraging young minds to think, question and imagine.

Our vision is very clear to effectively develop a perfect coordination of the head, hear and hand- whereby our students are prepared to march confidently forward to take their place in the professions of their choice without losing sight of the rich and diverse cultural heritage that they come from.

In the friendly atmosphere and comfort of our classrooms, we strive to make learning a joyous experience and a process that every child looks forward to.

May we continue to give our students stronger roots like the Banyan Tree and stronger wings to conquer the world!!!

Er.Shrawan Choudhary

BR school Chelasi is yet another initiative by the most fame coaching CLC to promote quality education to children.

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