Houses & Their Importance

Houses & Their Importance

Each school follows different rules to imbibe values like co-operation, honesty, victory in students. Our school also believes in inculcating values in students. Therefore the school has segregated the students in various groups Community Houses.


It Depicts HONESTY Which Imbibes In Students To Do All The Given Duties With Utmost Honesty And Should Not Deceive Anybody In Life.


It Depicts VICTORY. The Values Given Here Are That Students Should Have A Competitive Spirit And Should Try To Win All The Tasks Given To Them.


It Depicts BRAVERY Which Inculcates In Student That They Should Not Be Afraid Ofany Given Situation In Life And Should Face All The Situation Upfront And With Utmost Bravery.


It Depicts WISDOM Which Teaches Students To Be Wise And Kind To Every Being On The Earth And To Treat Everyone Equally.

BR school Chelasi is yet another initiative by the most fame coaching CLC to promote quality education to children.

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