In present age of schooling, the Foundation of Success is the Modernity with Morality. We, at BR understand that every child learns differently and is gifted with a unique ability that needs to be carefully honed through an inspiring learning environment. We celebrate the diversity and individuality of our students. We ensure that our students are guided and encouraged to explore many paths and find what’s most effective for them. Every one of our students are provided with an opportunity for exploration and exposure to such diverse experiences. It gives us immense sense of pride, when our students leave the school as independent thinkers who can shape the world for a better tomorrow.

When Planning For A Year, Plant Corn. When Planning For A Decade, Plants Trees. When Planning For Life, Train & Educate People.

Chinese Proverb


We follow the guidelines and directives laid by the CBSE. It is our endeavor to follow the National Education Policy 2020 and its guiding principle ‘Learning without Burden’.

We are on toes to serve From Cradle to Career

Pre-Primary (Nursery- UKG)

The early years of a child are important for their all-round growth and development. We have carefully curated a curriculum consisting equal balance of academics and activities to develop the skills necessary for a successful and happier future. It carefully hones their social-emotional development whilst building their language and communication skills; it also aids in nurturing early mathematical skills along with generating creativity and curiosity. All these attributes are well packaged with ensuring the physical wellness and developing mental vigor of the children.

We encourage participation by parents and guardians in this learning process, ultimately a happy and wholesome education is our joint effort.

Primary School (Grade-1 to Grade-5)

The Primary School is the next stage in every child’s education. It is crucial as this is when children step into the world of formal academics of school life. At BR Shikshan sansthan, we have created a balanced curriculum, imparted by trained and qualified teachers, wherein our students learn about their roles, responsibilities and place in society. They develop creative thinking abilities and master independent learning skills.

Lots of co-scholastic activities are introduced to craft their routine. Our students are exposed to their responsibilities towards the environment and happy, sustainable living.

Middle School (Grade-6 to Grade-8)

This is stage of Exploration & Discovery. By this stage our students are able to explore and understand their world; they would have established own will and aptitude for facing hurdles in life. At B.R. Shikshan Sanstha, under the umbrella of our mentor, in education decades of experience has led to develop a well-rounded curriculum with methodical and careful inclusion of academic and co-curriculum activities best suited for young mind to grow.

We encourage scientific aptitude, critical thinking and problem solving skills keeping it at balance with curiosity, creativity and outside-the-box thinking. Our students develop effective communication skills, cultural competence and hands on learning hones the skills required for their current life and one beyond the school life.

Secondary School (Grade-9-10)

This is one of the most important and knowledge grasping age stage of a child in which can be proved A Bridge to the Word. We represent the final juncture of formal schooling and the learning experiences at this stage become vital for growing mind’s future, further studies to the careers. At B.R. Shikshan Sanstha, we are committed to providing time demanding quality and modern equipped inputs to assist students to achieve their personal best. The co-scholastic activities are carefully planned helping our students grow in all spheres while pursuing their goal.

Secondary Secondary School (Grade-11-12)

This is one of the life changing phase of student life. Our students go through counselling and career assistance programs so that they can make the right choices for them, aligned with their aptitude and interests.

These years are crucial for any child, here we provide ample opportunity for our students to explore their interest area (s) and grow with it. Ultimately, young adults today are the furute of tomorrow and a happy and rewarding life is what we all aspire for.

BR school Chelasi is yet another initiative by the most fame coaching CLC to promote quality education to children.

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