Middle School

Middle School

Programme integrated curriculum class VI to VIII

In the middle school years, self-reliance in learning becomes an important aim. The curriculum incorporates social studies and science in addition to previously taught subjects. The 3rd language is introduced from class VI. Attention is given to attain a requisite level in each subject through independent and collaborative learning. The afternoon activity programs provide each child an opportunity to discover and build a ‘co-curricular’ interest and engage in creative and constructive pursuits.

By this stage our students are able to explore and understand their world; they would have established own will and aptitude for facing hurdles in life. At BR school, lots of experience has led to develop a well-rounded curriculum with methodical and careful inclusion of academics & cocurricular activities best suited for young minds to grow. We encourage scientific aptitude, critical thinking and problem solving skills keeping it at balance with curiosity, creativity and outside-the-box thinking. Our students develop effective communication skills, cultural competence and hands on learning hones the skills required for their current life and one beyond the school life.

A variety of subjects is offered to the students and the curriculum is designed to provide the necessary framework of experience and interest. The subjects generally studied by all students at this stage are: English, Hindi ,Mathematics, Science, French, S.St., Sanskrit, Computer Studies , Physical Education, Art, Music, German, Spanish , Life Skills.

The two most important Life-Goals would like every youth to have; one increase the amount of time that you have at your disposal, two increase what you can achieve in the time available.– Nelson Mandela