Co-Curricular Activities

Art & Craft

In our Art & Craft classes our students are taught a variety of skills like – creativity, confidence, casual learning, decision making, perseverance, collaboration and accountability.


Dance education aids the development of kinesthetic intelligence, creating opportunities for self-expression and communication.

Field Trips

It allows students to have real world experience, which clearly illustrates and enhances the information taught in the curriculum. Field trips give a chance to experience hands on learning while being introduced to new environments.


Inclusion of games in our curriculum of studies is, very important for the physical & mental well being of our students. We have a large spots ground in our campus for various sports activities.


The music classes in our BR school serves as a platform for creating tiny musicians of all genres and skill levels. It enables them to learn vocals rhythm and pitch in singing and to use instruments like keyboard, drums and guitar. It also helps to showcase their talent at various events in inter school and intra school competitions.

Competitive Exams

With the aim of promoting English, Science, Mathematics & Computer Education, BR has been encouraging children to take up the International Assessment for Indian School (IAIS)-by Macmillan in Partnership with University of New South Wales, Australia. Cambridge English Language assessment – NASO Olympiad Exams, Different Olympiads – IEO, IMO, NSO, NTSE, STSE, KVPY, & PRMO etc.

Every child is UNIQUE, therefore their EDUCATION should be also.– Jeannie Fulbrighth

Monthly Competitions

Every month, class competitions and inter-house competitions are conducted which provide a myriad of opportunities, a platform to demonstrate talent and a stepping-stone for students to achieving greater things in life. The stage is further extended with the participation of the students in inter-school competitions held in various reputed schools across the city.

Journalism & Photography

Students are encouraged to develop their public speaking and dramatic skills through elocution, debates, school plays and theatre.

Value Education Classes

Value education classes are an integral part of our school where moral values are enhanced through Christian principles.

Celebration of Special Days

Celebrations in BR School have become an integral part of joyful learning, community building and thought provoking processes.

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.– Nelson Mandela